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Subject New Product - 'TIGER EYE'
Writer sdpark Date 2007-07-13 11:05:02 Count 2713

LED Light - “Tiger Eye”

which protects the farm and Crop from wild Animals developed by S.H Steel


Sam Heung Steel (Representative J.K, Kim) announced on July, 12 that they have developed A device “ Tiger Eye” –used by LED Light to protect Crops and Farm and/or to expel wild animals such as wild boar which used to make by Digging spoiled all over Farm every night.


This product adds convex lens doubly in front of Light Emitting Diode Light bulb and emits light of 1200 luxes (lux) brightness.

He said Wild animals such as wild boar, fox, raccoon dog sees such light as a tiger feels and can not approach as goggles and glares.


Rotate in 120 degrees extent like electric fan, so that wild animal does not invade in front 200m.


Representative Mr. Kim said "LED light bulb is few electricity wastage about 1 watt per hour and establishment expense is inexpensive by 1/5 level of existing electrical fence style product".


Representative Kim added excellent effective results that keeps away wild animal which had displayed by

demonstration to farms and orchards in JinJu, Gosung, Sanchung, Kyongsang-namdo.


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